End of Season Baseball Bash

Friday, May 11, 2018
5:30pm at Freedom Field

(End of Season Softball Bash is May 18th at Freedom Field.)

12 Year Old Recognition

  • 5:15pm: 12-year olds are invited to attend in full uniform. They will line from home plate along both foul lines.
  • 5:30pm: Recognition alphabetically of all 12's. Upon name announcement, players are invited to the mound where parents can join them for a photo opportunity.

Fastest Man

  • Round 1: Two participants from each team will be timed around the bases.
  • Round 2: Top four times from 1st round move on to 2nd round and run again.
  • Lowest combined time from both rounds wins.
  • ALL bases must be touched. ANY missed base is an automatic DQ.


  • Runner starts with front foot on home plate.
  • Runner starts on his go. Time starts when foot releases from home plate. Time stops when foot touches home plate.
  • One coach at each base to validate touches.
  • Two people with stopwatches to keep time.
  • Average of two times to be relayed to booth and announced after each finish.
  • Record times on clipboard.

HR Derby

Round 1:

  • Each player gets 3 warm up swings off the tee into a net outside of dugout.
  • Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible.
  • The four players with the most home runs advance to Round 2.
  • If only two players hit home runs, skip Round 2.

Round 2:

  • Home run totals from Round 1 carry over to Round 2.
  • Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible.
  • The two players with the most home runs combined from Round 1 and 2 will advance to the finals.


  • Home runs from Rounds 1 & 2 do NOT carry over.
  • Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible.
  • The player who hits the most home runs is declared the Home Run Derby Champion.


  1. Players qualify for Derby by hitting a HR during the regular season (inside the park HR's do not count).
  2. Player can elect any person to pitch to him as long as the pitcher is MCLL badge approved.
  3. An out is registered when a player swings at a pitch and does not hit a home run.
  4. A ball hit over the fence must be fair to count as a home run.
  5. Only active participants allowed on the field during Fastest Man & HR Derby.
  6. No players fielding balls.