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What are the current requirements for approved baseball bats?
Below you will find the most recent communication on the topic from District 1.

January 2018

Dear District 1 Staff Umpires and Local League Umpires and Presidents:

It's that time of year where kids are registering and there may be questions about bats. There are several 2 ΒΌ bats that have been decertified and should be treated as illegal bats:

Click here to learn more about these decertfied bats.

The link above has pictures of the bats and the decertification paperwork. It is important to note that parents may get upset because the child may have received one of these bats as a gift over the holidays. Please note that even if the child plays baseball in non-LL leagues, the decertification is in effect for ALL baseball play (Triple Crown, Pony, Legion, etc.). By rule, LL requires equipment be checked by the umpires prior to the game commencing.

This email is also a reminder that 2017 is the last year Little League is conforming to the standards outlined in Rule 1.10 in the rulebook.

Here are FAQs effective 1/1/2018 for USA Baseball Bat Standards: Click Here

Here is the LL Bat Information Rules page: Bat Information

Here is the USA Baseball website:

Below is the chart that is now in effect:

Below is the comparison chart that will between 2017 and 2018:

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