Frequently Asked Questions


Where are games and practices? For most divisions, games and practices are on school district, city or county fields that are located within or near MCLL boundaries. Exceptions include Martha Lake Airfield, Pilchuck Park and fields involving interleague play in Softball and Juniors/Seniors/Big League baseball.

What days of the week are practices and games? In most cases, no team or division will have specific days for regular practices and games. Teams will usually end up playing on different weekdays each week and will usually have one Saturday (or Sunday) game. Unfortunately, MCLL can not accept requests from players for specific practice or game days. However, coaches understand that kids sometimes have multiple activities. If transportation is an issue, contact your coach or team parent for carpooling possibilities.

What time do practices/games start? Weekday practices typically begin at 4:30 or later. Weekday games typically start at 5:00 or later (coaches may ask players to arrive early for warm ups). Weekend games typically don't start earlier than 9:00 AM or end later than 10:00 PM. (Rookies and below usually end no later than 8:00 PM.)

My work schedule does not allow for me to get my child to all practices and games. What do I do? Once your child is placed on a team, talk to the manager or other parents. MCLL is a family, and we will all do our best to help!

Still have questions?

If you still have questions after reviewing the various sections of the FAQ and website, feel free to e-mail: An executive board member will reply to your e-mail within 48 hours whenever possible.