Matching Gifts

If you volunteer in any capacity (Coach, Snack Shack, Team Parent, etc), check with your employer and see if they have a matching gifts program for volunteer hours. Those matching dollars help MCLL stay within budget and provide the services that make Mill Creek Little league as great as it is!

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'Myths of the Game'


Fall Clinics

Starting October 8th! | Get Details here

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Softball Pitching

Winter is the best time to start working on pitching skills for the upcoming spring season. I am reaching out to the President of each league asking that you pass this on to the fastpitch players in your league. My goal is to better the pitching of girls from many teams for a higher level of play during the Little League season.

Pitching lessons are taught at an indoor facility in Everett with my assistant on Sundays; mentoring girls anywhere from 8 to 17 years old. If you are interested in lessons for your daughter you can email me directly at: with any questions you have. Lessons will be starting the first Sunday in October.

- Page Dearborn

Tournament Schedules

Please visit the District 1 website for all the latest updates to the tournament brackets and the schedules.


Please click here for the 2014 Volunteer Application.
(Returning Volunteers from 2013, Use this application)

All Applications must include:
- a current copy of your ID
- picture for the badge in .jpg format (unless using a picture on file)

This application must be completed in it's entirety and all blanks completed and returned to the President along with a copy of your current driver's license. A jpg. photo is also required for your badge. If you have a current picture on file, we can use that one again, however, a current volunteer application must be completed each year. If information is missing from the application, it will not be processed (this includes SSN for new volunteers).

There are two steps to the process - the background check and then the badge is created and issued. There is a limited amount of personnel researching the background checks and creating the badges and this 2 step process can take 10-14 days to complete so please plan accordingly.

No person will be allowed on the field or allowed to have contact with our players unless they have been issued a current year's badge, and badges must be worn at all times. Concession volunteers will not be required to have a badge this year, however, Student substitute workers wishing to be on the substitute list will be required to have a badge.

All applications must be sent to: or mailed to the President at PO Box 12445, Mill Creek WA 98082

Have a question about Mill Creek Little League? Send an email to:
Mill Creek Little League | P.O. Box 12445 | Mill Creek, WA 98082

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Want more?

Visit our "Training and Clinics" page for updates about training and extra practicing opportunities for players and coaches.

If you know of an opportunity that is not listed, send an e-mail with specific information to

2014 Volunteer Application

Please click here for the 2014 Volunteer Application. If you are a returning volunteer from 2013 you may use this application

Include the completed application, current driver's license, and a jpg. photo for your ID badge and email to or mail to PO Box 12445, Mill Creek, WA 98082

An Important Message From Our President

Please take a moment to review our 2013 season re-cap from our President, Tina Ryan. Tina has also listed some of the exciting things planned for our 2014 season that you won't want to miss!

click here to read the letter


Trash Info. Field cleanup is the responsibility of all of us. All trash is required to be packed out with you. Remember, if you bring it in, bring it out too.

Seeds at Freedom Field. As a reminder eating of shelled seeds at Freedom Field is not permitted, especially sunflower seeds. These shells are very, very difficult to remove from the turf and can cause damage.more information.