Spring Registration is OPEN!!

2019 Spring Registration is OPEN!!

Use the registration tab to the left to register your player. Click HERE to see an informational email that was sent to 2018 participants.

All families should also register as volunteers. MCLL is a 100% volunteer program, and we all must do our part.

Not sure which division to register for? Click HERE for Baseball and HERE for Softball divisions

Click HERE for the Fee and refund schedule.

Note: Late fees of $25 begin as early as Jan. 15. Register early.

2018 Majors Baseball Champions

Congratulations to the 2018 MCLL Majors Baseball Champions


2018 Minors Baseball Champions

Congratulations to the 2018 MCLL Minors Baseball Champions


2018 Farm Baseball Champions

Congratulations to the 2018 Farm Baseball Champions


Important Safety Information!

Managers, Assistant Coaches, & Safety Parents

Please visit the Safety Page for important information about Safety meetings and CPR requirements!


Please click here to register as a 2018 Volunteer.

All applicants must also submit to a third-party background check by emailing President@millcreeklittleleague.com and include:
- Your name and contact email
- picture for the badge in .jpg format

You may mail this information to the President at PO Box 12445, Mill Creek WA 98082

You will then receive an email from a third-party verifier asking you to fill out an online form in order to process your background check.

There are two steps to the process - the background check and then the badge is created and issued. There is a limited amount of personnel researching the background checks and creating the badges and this 2 step process can take 10-14 days to complete so please plan accordingly.

No person will be allowed on the field or allowed to have contact with our players unless they have been issued a current year's badge, and badges must be worn at all times. Concession volunteers will not be required to have a badge this year, however, Student substitute workers wishing to be on the substitute list will be required to have a badge.

Little League Bats

Dear District 1 Staff Umpires and Local League Umpires and Presidents:

It's that time of year where kids are registering and there may be questions about bats. There are several 2 ΒΌ bats that have been decertified and should be treated as illegal bats:

Click here to learn more about these decertfied bats.

The link above has pictures of the bats and the decertification paperwork. It is important to note that parents may get upset because the child may have received one of these bats as a gift over the holidays. Please note that even if the child plays baseball in non-LL leagues, the decertification is in effect for ALL baseball play (Triple Crown, Pony, Legion, etc.). By rule, LL requires equipment be checked by the umpires prior to the game commencing.

This email is also a reminder that 2017 is the last year Little League is conforming to the standards outlined in Rule 1.10 in the rulebook.

Here are FAQs effective 1/1/2018 for USA Baseball Bat Standards: Click Here

Here is the USA Baseball website: http://web.usabaseball.com/index.jsp

Below is the comparison chart that will be in effect January 1, 2018:

Matching Gifts

Little League Volunteers,

If you volunteer in any capacity (Coach, Snack Shack, Team Parent, etc), check with your employer and see if they have a matching gifts program for volunteer hours. Those matching dollars help MCLL stay within budget and provide the services that make Mill Creek Little league as great as it is!

Currently, Mill Creek Little League is set up with Microsoft and T-Mobile (through Benevity) and Boeing (through Cybergrants.) We are listed under those organization's programs as "Mill Creek Little League". If you have any questions or need us to set up under your organizations program, please contact us at questions@millcreeklittleleague.com.

Make sure to get your hours in for 2016!

Thank you volunteers and thank you for all you do!

Safety Training and Requirements

Managers, Assistant Coaches, Safety Parents, and Umpires:

Thank you for volunteering your time this season!

Click here for a list/instructions/sign-ups for 2017 Safety Requirements for volunteers.

Managers cannot hold practices until these requirements are met/Assistant Coaches cannot be on practice field until requirements are met.

Open Board Member Positions


If you enjoy working with kids and want to give back to your community - please consider joining the Mill Creek Little League Board of Directors. We have several positions that are open and we are looking for energetic, committed and fun people to help us make MCLL the best league around. Board members commit to a 1 year term and to attend monthly board meetings.


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Have a question about Mill Creek Little League? Send an email to: questions@millcreeklittleleague.com.
Mill Creek Little League | P.O. Box 12445 | Mill Creek, WA 98082

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Attention Coaches

If you would like to coach this season. Please fill out the correct form and get it back to us.

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Trash Info. Field cleanup is the responsibility of all of us. All trash is required to be packed out with you. Remember, if you bring it in, bring it out too.

Seeds at Freedom Field. As a reminder eating of shelled seeds at Freedom Field is not permitted, especially sunflower seeds. These shells are very, very difficult to remove from the turf and can cause damage.more information.

Matching Gifts

If you volunteer in any capacity (Coach, Snack Shack, Team Parent, etc), check with your employer and see if they have a matching gifts program for volunteer hours. Those matching dollars help MCLL stay within budget and provide the services that make Mill Creek Little league as great as it is!