Frequently Asked Questions
Posted Nov 20, 2012


Who can sign up for Mill Creek Little League League? Any child ages 5-18 who lives within the MCLL boundary can play, provided they register by the close date.

How do I know if I live within the MCLL boundaries? Click HERE for more information about boundaries.

When does registration open/close, and how do I register? Registration for Spring Baseball and Softball opens on Nov. 1. Registration close dates are different for the various divisions. Go to the "League Information" tab for more info. If you have missed the deadline, send an e-mail to playeragent@millcreeklittleleague to inquire about getting on a waiting list.

Is there an early-bird registration discount? Yes, register by Jan. 18 to save $25.

How do I know which division my child should play in? Click HERE for descriptions and age ranges of each division of BASEBALL. Click HERE for Softball. Still not sure? Contact us at:

How do I determine my child's "league age?" For the 2018 baseball season, in accordance with Little League International, your child's league age is the age is as follows:
BASEBALL Players born on or before Aug. 31, 2005: League age is the age your child will be on Apri 30, 2018
BASEBALL Players born on or after Sept. 1, 2005: League age is the age your child will be on Aug. 31, 2018
SOFTBALL Players, your child's league age is their age as of Dec. 31, 2017.
Click HERE for a 2018 BASEBALL age chart
Click HERE for a 2018 SOFTBALL age chart

Does Mill Creek Little League offer Summer or Fall Baseball or Softball? MCLL offeres Fall Baseball for players ages 7-12 (and 13-14 when there is a sufficient number registered players.) MCLL does not currently offer a summer program.

Can I have my child to "play up" in a division that is intended for children older than them? Little League International and MCLL group divisions by age rather than playing ability. If your child wishes to play in a different division, you must complete a Division Change Request form.


How much does it cost to play in Mill Creek Little League? The fees range from $50 - $325 depending on the division in which your child plays. Fee information can be found in the "League Information" section of the Web site.

Where does the fee money go? Approximately half of the MCLL funds go directly toward securing field use and maintaining those fields. The remainder is for equipment (including uniforms, balls, bats, helmets, catcher's gear, practice equipment), coach and umpire training, clinics, insurance, volunteer background checks, and Little League charter fees. All coaches and board members are 100% volunteers.

What if I'm unable to pay the registration fee? Can my child still play? Absolutely. The MCLL board does not ever want to leave a child out because of lack of finances. The "Request for Financial Assistance" form is available in the "Links and Forms" section of the Web site.

How do I pay my account balance? If you have a balance due that is not part of the Payment Plan, you can log in to your account by going through the RED "Member Log In" button in the upper-left corner of the Web page.

Why are MCLL's fees higher than some surrounding leagues? MCLL has a longer season than some other leagues. This means more field fees and equipment wear and tear. Also, some surrounding municipalities greatly reduce field usage fees for some leagues. MCLL's biggest expense is Freedom Field. The City of Mill Creek charges over $30,000 for MCLL to use the field from March-July.

Do MCLL managers, coaches or board members receive compensation? No. Little League is a 100 percent volunteer organization.


Where can I find out more information about tryouts? Tryout information is found in the "Tryout Information" section of the Web site. It's also usually posted on the main page in the weeks prior to tryouts.

Does my child need to attend tryouts? Tryouts are for Farm, Minors and Majors divisions only (and sometimes Juniors, Seniors, Big League). Tryouts for Farm, Minors and Majors baseball and softball generally occur in early February. 

What age groups must attend tryouts? Baseball and softball players 9-12 must attend at least two Majors/Minors/Farm tryouts. Baseball players age 8 wishing to play Farm and softball players age 8 wishing to play Minors must also attend tryouts, and will be placed either in Farm/Minors SB or Rookies, depending upon space and ability/maturity.

Do some players get "cut" (meaning they don't get to play because of tryout performance)? Tryouts are simply a method used by Little League to balance talent and place players in their appropriate divisions. All players ages 4-12 are able to play Little League provided they register in time. Every effort is made to accomodate all players 13-18 as well.


Can my child request to be placed on a team with a specific coach or buddy? For, T-ball and Rookies, yes. Simply make your request during on-line registration. MCLL will do its best to honor requests, but they are not guaranteed. (If you wish to update or change your buddy requests after registration, send an e-mail to There are no buddy requests for Farm and above.

Where are games and practices? For most divisions, games and practices are on school district, city or county fields that are located within or near MCLL boundaries. Exceptions include Martha Lake Airfield, Pilchuck Park and fields involving interleague play in Softball and Juniors/Seniors/Big League baseball.

What days of the week are practices and games? In most cases, no team or division will have specific days for regular practices and games. Teams will usually end up playing on different weekdays each week and will usually have one Saturday (or Sunday) game. Unfortunately, MCLL can not accept requests from players for specific practice or game days. However, coaches understand that kids sometimes have multiple activities. If transportation is an issue, contact your coach or team parent for carpooling possibilities.

What time do practices/games start? Weekday practices typically begin at 4:30 or later. Weekday games typically start at 5:00 or later (coaches may ask players to arrive early for warm ups). Weekend games typically don't start earlier than 9:00 AM or end later than 10:00 PM. (Rookies and below usually end no later than 8:00 PM.)

My work schedule does not allow for me to get my child to all practices and games. What do I do? Once your child is placed on a team, talk to the manager or other parents. MCLL is a family, and we will all do our best to help!


My child and/or I am having an issue with a coach, player or family member on a team. What should I do?
1. If your player has an issue with playing time or positions, encourage the player to discuss this with the coach. This is a great skill for a child to learn!
2. When possible, follow the 24-hour rule. (Let 24 hours pass before discussing with anyone, when appropriate.)
3. Do not attempt to resolve the issue during a game or practice.
4. Ask the team manager via e-mail or before or after the game or practice to schedule a meeting with you and/or your child to discuss the issue.
5. If the issue is not resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, and further action is necessary, please contact the MCLL Player Agent:

I have a question or concern that is not being addressed in FAQ. What do I do? Check the league web site: (including the tabs along the side). Still have a question? E-mail: An executive board member will reply to your e-mail within 48 hours whenever possible.