This page will be updated periodically in May/June as information becomes available.

View the All-Star selection process for coaches and players.

Tentative dates:


  • TRYOUT TBD (All All-Star applicants EXCEPT league-age 12-year-olds), Locations/time TBA.
  • All-Star teams announced TBD. Practice begins TBD.
  • Document turn-in, TBD
  • All-Star Celebration, TBD
  • District tournament begins June 11 (tentative)


  • 10 year old team tryout, TBD.
  • 12, 11 and 10 All-Stars and MIT teams announced TBD
  • District tournament begins June 23 (tentative).
  • Document turn-in night, TBD
  • All-Star celebration, TBD

The latest information on All Star tournaments and updated brackets can be found at:

Please be aware that the schedules are set by District 1 and not MCLL - they have many schedules to update and there may be frequent changes due to weather and other changes.