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Saturday, March 21, 9am-3pm @ Freedom Field

VOLUNTEER UMPIRES NEEDED! HOWEVER, whether you plan to umpire or not, our annual Umpire Clinic is always a great opportunity to brush up on your baseball knowledge by experiencing the game from an umpire's point of view. Who knows...following this hands-on clinic, you may feel comfortable enough to umpire a game.



1. Objective
The "Jamboree" is intended as both an extension of the umpire clinic and training tool for the umpires, as well as an early scrimmage opportunity for the Minors division.

2. Schedule

Because teams will not have their uniforms at this time, they are encouraged to wear shirts which best match their designated team colors to distinguish themselves from the other team.

3. Rules
Games will follow Little League Rules with the following exceptions …
a. Each game will have a one and a half hour, hard stop, time limit.
b. Each team will bat their entire lineup, regardless of outs, at which time their half of the inning will be complete and teams will switch from offense to defense. The goal is to complete at least two innings. If time permits, the game can continue.
c. For the sake of umpire training, outs will be registered and tracked. Once three outs are recorded the number of outs will be reset. Runners on base will remain on base.
d. The number of substitutions and position switches are unlimited and may be made at any time. However, play must be over and timeouts granted. Pitchers may also be substituted, however they will not be allowed warm up pitches if substituted in the middle of an inning. They should warm up in a bull pen prior to entering the game.
e. Timeouts are unlimited. However, consideration must be made for game flow and time limits.
f. If a new inning begins with a new umpire crew, a plate meeting will be held as part of the umpire crew's training.

4. Umpires
a. If you participate in the umpire clinic you are not required to participate in the Jamboree and actually umpire. Again, we HIGHLY encourage it but it does make for a long day. We will be providing immediate feedback and support. We also encourage that you stay and watch the game and benefit from the feedback that we give to the umpires during the game.
b. Umpires may be switched in the middle of a game. If there is a change they will occur at the half inning. When and how often will depend on the number of umpires to be trained.
c. All attempts will be made to have umpires both behind the plate and in the field. Feedback will be given to the umpires on their performance during (without game interruption) and after their "session". Training will occur off the field as well.
d. Trainees will be equipped and ready prior to personnel switches so as to not interrupt the flow of the game. Men: If you intend on participating in the Jamboree as an umpire, please wear a cup.
e. It goes without saying that the umpires' calls are final and NO discussions will be allowed by managers or coaches. Likewise, negative reaction to calls will not be tolerated.


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