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How to Get Involved

Volunteer Application w/ Background Check
For the safety of our kids and to maintain compliance with Little League International policy, all volunteers who will have regular/recurring interactions with players must complete two tasks prior to assuming his/her duties. This means, if you will volunteer 3 or more times, please complete these two steps.

  1. Volunteer Application w/ Background Check - If when you registered your player, you selected a volunteer role (coach, umpire, safety or team parent, or general volunteer box), this completes the application. If not, log-in to your MCLL Sports Connect account, scroll down to the “My Roles & Certificates” section and click “Register as a Volunteer”. The application initiates the background check, and you will receive an email to complete the background questionnaire.
  2. Abuse Awareness for Adults Training - This 20-minute training is to prevent abuse of minors through awareness. Sign-in/register at USABDevelops. Select “Education”, “Courses” and then select the “Abuse Awareness for Adults” course. Please send a copy of the completion certificate to our MCLL Safety Officer.

 Note: Managers and coaches have additional training requirements listed on our Safety Training webpage.

Identification Badges
Once training requirements have been completed, an identification badge will be printed (each year). Badges will be given to division directors, who will give to their coaches, who will give to their teams' volunteers.

Why Volunteer
Volunteers are the heart of Mill Creek Little League! We rely on volunteers to operate every aspect of our league. Without them, we wouldn’t exist. Countless community members, parents, teens, and many more, dedicate their time to strengthen our community and league. Volunteering is rewarding and brings a sense of fulfillment. It's an escape from daily routines, opens up opportunities to meet new friends, expand your network and develop new skills.

Who Can Volunteer

Anyone can volunteer - community members, grandparents, siblings, students, friends, neighbors.  All parents of children involved are encouraged to get involved.

Most of our volunteer opportunities are outlined below. We also can use help with planning special events, fundraising, community outreach, serving on the board of directors, etc. If you would like to get involved in one of these areas, or if you have another talent you would like to share with MCLL, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Snack Shack Concession Stand
Learn more about helping at the Snack Shack at Freedom Field. All friends, family and community members (at least 12 years of age) are encouraged to be part of the excitement! Each division will be assigned a week, and families from the respective division are asked to pitch in and cover the shifts within that week. Once the game schedule is published, MCLL will communicate the Snack Shack Schedule - we ask that each family please sign up for at least one shift.

Facilities & Maintenance
Before the start of each season, the league needs help to reinvigorate ball fields. This includes maintaining, repairing or replacing storage sheds, maintaining bases and mounds at dirt fields, general clean up all fields around dugout and bleachers, hauling old fencing and misc metal that requires a flatbed to haul the fence panels, handyman support at Freedom Field (garbage and recycling help, concession repairs (leaking sinks, etc.). The league provides tools and supplies needed. Contact the
VP of Operations if you can help.

Seasonal Roles

Coach / Manager
Being a manager or coach requires time, patience, and basic knowledge of the game of baseball. Coaches and managers serve as a positive role models to the players and parents, teach fundamentals, sportsmanship, playing rules, strategies and playing tactics. They communicate schedules, expectations, events and activities with players and their families.
Learn more about coaching.

Most upper division games have one volunteer home plate umpire and at least one field umpire. Main responsibilities of a field umpire are to call plays on the bases, determine if balls are fair or foul, and assist the home plate umpire with other calls. Umpires also teach players good sportsmanship and the rules of the game. Learn more about umpiring.

Team Parent
Each team should have a Team Parent, whose role is to support the manager/coach with off the field administrative activities. Team Parents help to share information and often bring a sense of cohesiveness to the team. They partner with coaches to create game day volunteer plans (i.e. snack sign ups, field preparation, scoreboard operations, game announcers, score keeper and umpires). They order parade banners, distribute team pictures, plan parties and recognition. Learn more about being a Team Parent.

Safety Parent
Each team is encouraged to have a Safety Parent, whose role is to support the manager/coach with safety activities. The Safety Parent should be someone who is able to attend a majority of practices and games. If they are not able to attend, they should notify the coach or have a different backup plan. The Safety Parent should be knowledgeable in Concussion, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and general first aid protocols. They ensure the coach has first aid supplies (supplied by MCLL), and are abler to help with accident/incident report forms. Learn more about Safety.

Game / Practice Roles

As we get close to game time, coaches and team parents will develop plans for game day volunteers. Game day specific volunteers are generally the responsibility of the home team. If you are interested in one of these roles, please coordinate with your coach, manager or team parent.

Score Keeper
Score is kept in the Farm and higher divisions (Tee-ball and Rookies do not keep score). We use the Game Changer App to score games.
Learn more about keeping score.

There is an Announcers Booth at Freedom Field. Volunteers (ages 16+) are encouraged to make announcements, call plays, introduce players, and play walk-up music. Volunteers will be provided with information from the league on certain information to be shared. Volunteers that would like to announce players or play walk-up music, should coordinate with both teams to get a roster and preferred walk up songs (clean/appropriate language), and prepare ahead of time. Any smartphone device can be plugged into the audio system. We recommend that volunteers create a plan ahead of time (i.e. create a play list, use a paid music service or baseball walk-up app to avoid advertisements).

Scoreboard Operations
The Freedom Field Scoreboard is located in the Announcers Booth. Volunteers (ages 16+) are encouraged to operate the scoreboard, to include runs, innings, and number at bat.

Field Preparation & Take-down
Volunteers can help with inspecting the play area for holes, damage, glass, and other foreign objects. Help is also needed with setting up raking in fields and setting up/putting away pitching mounds, bases, tees, etc.

Coach Support at Practices
Help with drills, fielding balls, managing younger kids in the dugout, etc.

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