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The latest information on All Star tournaments and updated brackets can be found at:

Please be aware that the schedules are set by District 1 and not MCLL - they have many schedules to update and there may be frequent changes due to weather and other changes.




Amelia Ediger
Maya Miller
Alleigh Perez
Camille Crabtree
Kailyn Smith
Emelia Gallagher
Claire Kessinger
Eva Torres
Alana Banog
Nylah Bemis
Clara Stone
Brooklyn Declusin
Avery Benjamin 



Penelope Gahan
Brylee Board
Nicole Burnett
Mayson Fleury
Abigail Blakely
Sophia Declusin
Clara Dorgan
Sarah Fletcher
Kaitlyn Green
Aliana Langsea
Evoleht Stuhr
Ashley Swaney
Anela Wade
Coralynn Augustine (Reserve)


Brody Monica
Gavin Duckart
Austin Halvorson 
Mason Engen
Brennan Shaw
Quinn Russell-Peters
Warren Grisim
Zachary Albright
Emmett Brown
Colton White
Caden Ho
Ryan Sundby
Grady Wilkening-Joly
Dayton Radford
Ryan Vaughan
TJ Sanguinet
Rylan Taguchi
Jordan Axton
Kaeden Weaver
Logan Allen
Logan Rabe
Ryan Perdue
Wyatt Jacquot
Colton Byrd
Gabe Potts
Hunter Sundby
Matthew Stevens
Griffin Hare
Patrick Proctor
Carter Gordon
Dylan Laton
Vincent Candinha
Soren Records
Aiden Black-Parr
Zane Russel-Peters
Caleb Ewer



2021 PLAYER AGENT EMAIL (Sent 5/13)

Hello MCLL Families,

All-Star season is just around the corner.  We will be using our registration system to apply for All-Stars. If your child is interested, please read this email in its entirety. 


If your child would like to be considered for an All-Star team, you must apply by May 19th . There is no fee to apply (however, if your child makes the team there will be an estimated charge of $100-$125 depending on division), but you must apply by May 19. Late applications will not be accepted. If you are not sure whether or not your child wants to or is available to play, then I recommend you apply and then contact me later if plans change. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!


If your child is interested in All-Stars, please read this email IN FULL, so you are aware of all requirements. There is SPECIFIC documentation needed.  


What is the All-Star season?

All-Star teams represent Mill Creek Little League in competitive post-season play as they face other teams in the district with the hopes of moving on to the State Championship tournament and, for the 12s, the Little League World Series. Players must be available for a major time commitment during All-Star time, which may be a few weeks or all the way into August, depending upon the team's success.  

 To apply:

1. Go to

2. Click "Register."

3. The divisions your child is eligible for will be there. 


Please note that all ages refer to the player's "league age" as defined by LL International. 

If you are unsure of your child’s “league age” you can check the link below.  Be sure you choose baseball or softball as appropriate because it is different.


IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, IT MEANS REGISTRATION DID NOT COMPLETE AND THE PLAYER IS NOT REGISTERED. This means you'll need to start again.  Save your confirmation email. This is proof that you have registered.  If you have a question you can reach out to me. 


Who is eligible?

-All Majors and Minors BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL players who have played in at least 8 of the regular season games are eligible for All-Star consideration. (Note: if a player missed games due to a documented injury, they may still be eligible. We will need a medical note from a physician.)

Category choices

In the registration form, you may choose one or more categories for which you'd like to be considered:

12-year-old All-Stars: Majors players league-age 10/11/12

11-year-old All-Stars: Players league age 9/10/11

10-year-old All-Stars: Players league-age 8/9/10

**Please note Softball will have only 10u and 12u Teams

-Juniors & Seniors players who have played in at least 6 of the regular season games are eligible for All-Star consideration. (Note: if a player missed games due to a documented injury, they may still be eligible. We will need a medical note from a physician.)


Farm Baseball players are not eligible for All-Stars. Rookies division players are not eligible for All-Stars


Note: Should any of the above information conflict with Little League International tournament guidelines, it will be updated. Guidelines not subject to LL International rules may be change by MCLL board vote. 


When does it all start?

As of now, the Softball All-Star tournament is scheduled to start in late June and Baseball in early July.  More info coming soon on specific dates. You can access the District 1 calendar here:


Note: All-Star teams can go well into July and August if they win district, win state, win regionals, etc. 



Proof of age: Players selected to All-Star teams will be required to provide an Original Proof of Age document (an ORIGINAL birth certificate will be required for certification)

Proof of Residency documentation: Parents should locate these documents now to avoid potential delays that could lead to All-Star documentation. See details here:

Other documents: There are other documents to be filled out and signed. We'll send those out at a later date. 


If documents are not provided, the player will not be eligible. No exceptions. 

all, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the season!

Danielle Beckham
Player Agent
Mill Creek Little League
[email protected]

(Photo from 2018 All-Star Celebration)


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