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Registration for 2022 Softball All Stars is now open from May 3rd to May 24th!

Registration for 2022 Baseball All Stars  is now open from May 9th to May 22nd (12u and Junior)/June 2nd (10u & 11u)!

Important Dates for 10u and 12u All Stars:

- Registration closes May 24th
- Tryouts (10u) June 3rd, 4:30-6:00, Freedom Field
- 12u All Star Voting June 3rd before 12s Celebration
- Paperwork collection date TBD, after teams announced

Tournament Dates:
District Tournament:      June 24 - July 1 (weekday only), at Phil Johnson Fields
State Tournament:         July 9-16 (12u), hosted by District 7, West Seattle
                                            July 23 (10u), hosted by District 3 


  • Registration for 12u team: Closes May 22nd.
  • 12u All Star voting: May 24th and 25th before scheduled Majors games.
  • Registration for 10u and 11u All Stars: Closes June 2nd.
  • Tryouts June 4th at Freedom Field. 9-11am for 11u and 11am-1pm for 10u.
  • Juniors All Star: Team formation pending player interest/commitment
  • Paperwork collection after the teams are announced, but please see documentation notes below to be prepared.

Tournament Dates:
District Tournament:      June 16-22 (Juniors), July 5-14 (10u, 11u, 12u)

State Tournament:         July 16 (Poulsbo; Juniors), July 16 (D1 hosting; 12u), July 16 (D10 hosting; 11u), July 23 (Vancouver; 10u)


What is the All-Star season?

All-Star teams represent Mill Creek Little League in competitive post-season play as they face other teams in the district with the hopes of moving on to the State Championship tournament and, for the 12s, the Little League World Series. Players must be available for a major time commitment during All-Star time, which may be a few weeks or all the way into August, depending upon the team's success. 

To apply:

1. Go to

2. Click "Register."

3. The divisions your child is eligible for will be there once registration opens near the end of the regular season.

Who is eligible?

-All Majors and Minors BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL players who have played in at least 8 of the regular season games are eligible for All-Star consideration. (Note: if a player missed games due to a documented injury, they may still be eligible. We will need a medical note from a physician.)

Category choices

In the registration form, you may choose one or more categories for which you'd like to be considered:

12-year-old All-Stars: Majors players league-age 10/11/12

11-year-old All-Stars: Players league age 9/10/11

10-year-old All-Stars: Players league-age 8/9/10

**Please note Softball will have only 10u and 12u Teams

-Juniors & Seniors players who have played in at least 6 of the regular season games are eligible for All-Star consideration. (Note: if a player missed games due to a documented injury, they may still be eligible. We will need a medical note from a physician.)

Farm Baseball players are not eligible for All-Stars. Rookies division players are not eligible for All-Stars. 

Note: Should any of the above information conflict with Little League International tournament guidelines, it will be updated. Guidelines not subject to LL International rules may be change by MCLL board vote. 

When does it all start?

The All Star tournament is generally around late June to early July.  More info coming soon on specific dates. You can access the District 1 calendar here:

Note: All-Star teams can go well into July and August if they win district, win state, win regionals, etc. 


Proof of age: Players selected to All-Star teams will be required to provide an Original Proof of Age document (an ORIGINAL birth certificate will be required for certification)

Proof of Residency documentation: Parents should locate these documents now to avoid potential delays that could lead to All-Star documentation. See details here:

The latest information on All Star tournaments and updated brackets can be found at:

Please be aware that the schedules are set by District 1 and not MCLL - they have many schedules to update and there may be frequent changes due to weather and other changes.

For a detailed description of the All Star Selection Process, read this document: All Star Selection Process


Q: What if my child fits into multiple All Star teams based on age?

A: If you would like your child to be considered for more than one team, register for both so that the Player Agent is aware and can make the proper notes in the tryout files. During the selection process, coaches will know which players are trying out for the various teams.

Q: What will tryouts be like?

A: Unlike evaluations done at the beginning of the year, the All Star teams are decided based on a tryout setting. They will run through skills and drills for warm ups, and then there will be scrimmages to assess player skills. You may often see a set of kids being pulled to evaluate certain positions or game situations.

Q: Who are the managers?

A: Managers must apply to the VP of Softball or Baseball before a set date. There are rules and restrictions on who can apply based on their coaching status the current year (see process document for more details). Once applications are in, the All Star Manager Selection Committee (consisting of the VP of the Division, the MCLL President, and the Player Agent) will interview the potential managers and nominate them to be the All Star manager.

Q: How does selection for the 12u team work?

A: Players in the Majors division will vote for the best players to represent MCLL on a specified date. With 3 teams (Baseball) and 2 teams (Softball) in the division this year, players will vote for the top 3 players among the other teams not including theirs. The ballots will be placed in a sealed envelope by the Player Agent and the team manager will sign across the seal of the envelope. The votes will be counted by 2 people who do not have vested interest in the outcome of the vote. The 3 players who receive the most votes will be first on the team. The remaining spots will be selected by the All Star Committee and the All-Star Managers. See process document for more details.

Q: What do I do if my child can’t make it to tryouts?

A: Register for the appropriate division and let the Player Agent know that your child cannot attend tryouts. If a player cannot make it, the board will consider nominating the player to the team without attending tryouts and the Committee will vote.

Q: What if we have vacations planned during this time?

A: This is a very competitive tournament, and the expectation is that the player will attend all practices and tournament games. We do not have alternate players on the roster, so having a player miss a game could end up in a forfeit. In the event that there is a long break between events (like 10u Softball, who waits 3 weeks between Districts and State), we do understand that there may be some family vacations planned. If there is any kind of conflict with the expected dates, please register and inform the Player Agent as soon as possible before team selection so that the managers can be made aware.


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